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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hong Kong Christian Singles?

We are a group founded in April 2008 with the vision of connecting Christian singles and Christian churches.  We seek to encourage interaction and fellowship amongst Christian singles and Christian churches through fun events here in Hong Kong.  We believe that this fellowship and interaction fills a need, encourages and helps those of us who seek Christian families in the future and strengthens the body of Christ as a whole here in Hong Kong.

When are your events?

Our events are once a quarter, with the first event being held in May 2008.  We believe that the primary source of fellowship should be within your home church, and thus we are seeking to supplement that, not to replace it.  We encourage you to direct your energy for additional events within your church home. 

How much do they cost?
We seek to keep our events to a price point that everyone can afford.  We also try to donate 10% of the event cost to charity.  If cost is an issue we would encourage you to contact us rather than not attend, as there are several people happy to contribute a bit extra to ensure everyone can attend. 

I’ve never been to a “singles” event, is it cheesy?  Or only for desperate people? 

Our goal, first and foremost, is to provide fellowship – and fun.  We would love if further interaction or progression occurs between some of our attendees.  But forcing the issue will not help it occur.  Therefore, we seek to provide fun events full of friends who all share God’s love.  We would encourage you to consider this just another outing with your Christian friends, and should you meet someone you would like to see romantically – great.  But we think you will definitely meet people you will enjoy knowing as Christian friends. 

Can anyone attend?
Attendees should be Christians, and should probably not be in a committed (even if unmarried) relationship.  We sometimes say that whether you would feel comfortable telling the person you are dating that you are attending a “singles” event is a good barometer for whether you should attend. 

What age are the attendees?
The attendees range from the 20s to the 50s, so far.  As we grow, we may seek ways to have events for younger and older attendees, but at this time, the age range has worked well.  We seek to provide fellowship first and foremost, and there is no age limit (in either direction) to fellowship! 

What is the male: female ratio at your events?

We seek to maintain a ratio of 50:50 for all of our events.  We will allow the ratio to move to 40:60 male:female where necessary, but aim for a ratio no wider than that.  As we cannot control whether RSVPs cancel at the last minute, we cannot guarantee this, but we have had very good success in the past.  This ratio is also why we at times need to temporarily suspend or stop accepting RSVPs from either men or women for certain events. 

What churches do people come from?

We seek to have as many churches in Hong Kong represented as possible, because we are all one family of God and we believe that this interaction strengthens us all.  In our first event in May 2008 we had 5 different churches represented. 

Why do you donate 10% of your event revenue to charity?

Our organizers believe strongly in the Christian values of charity and helping those less fortunate than ourselves as an expression of our thankfulness for what God has given us.  As most of our attendees in Hong Kong have been blessed by God in various ways, we feel this is one simple way to show thanks for these blessings. 

How can I get more involved?

We are always interested in having men and women help us, either as co-leaders of HKCS, specific event leaders, or church key contacts (being the key person at your church for getting the word out about future events).  The time commitment is not very large.

If you'd like to help us or if you have any additional questions, please email us at HKChristianSingles@gmail.com.

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